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Satoru Watanabe

One of our two pillars, the restaurant business, proposes opportunities for customers to experience Japanese cuisine with new ideas, and we continue to disseminate information so that customers can enjoy dinner in a form that matches the era. We will create a future image of eating out to enjoy gatherings with and after COVID-19.
Another pillar is the jindaiji Animal Cemetery, which was originally opened in Chofu City, Tokyo as a "wish for world peace through memorial service for animal." We have experienced over hundreds of thousands of cremation and memorial service, and today we have grown to have a branch cemetery in Akiruno City, Tokyo.
Now that we have celebrated 61 years since our founding, we have launched a new project beyond the framework of animal memorial services with the goal of "enriching the lives of pets and their owners."
We will change the future that we can change with our own efforts and power.
Please look forward for and expect to the future of Musashino Kankou Kaihatsu, inc.

CEOSatoshi Watanabe

Management Philosophy and Policies

Service and Gratitude

  • ・We will contribute to the prosperity of local communities, recognize the social mission of our business, and serve society through our business activities.
  • ・We will be grateful for everything we receive and strive to manage our business with sincerity.

Three Pillars of Management Policy

  • 1. Putting the customer first and creating stores that are trusted by the customer.
  • 2. To make effective use of resources(people, goods, money, and time)to build a strong business structure.
  • 3. To create an energetic workplace by developing human resources and strengthening the organization.

About Us

Name Musashino Kankou Kaihatsu inc.
Established August 1, 1961
Capital 73,125 thousand yen (225,000 shares issued)
Representative Hitoshi Watanabe
Satoru Watanabe
Main Shareholders Tobu Railway Co.
Keio Co.
Odakyu Bus Co.
Our Business Restaurant business(Japanese cuisine) General dining and various events
Operation and management of pet cemeteries
Operation of pet portal site
Head Office Pierre Seacre 2F B, 4-51-7 Kokuryo-cho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo

Phone: +81 042-426-9971(Representative)


8-minute walk from Kokuryo Station on the Keio Line