Our History

1961 〜 1980

August 1961 Established Musashino Kankou Kaihatsu inc. (capital 100 million yen)
March 1962 Constructed an animal cemetery, a memorial tower (33.3 meters high) and a columbarium within the precincts of Jindaiji Temple in Chofu City, Tokyo. Began recruiting members who love dogs and cats as "World Animal Friendship Association".
July 1967 Rainbow trout and carp fishing ponds are opened within the precincts of Jindaiji Temple, becoming one of the best fishing ponds in Tokyo.
Meanwhile, the food and beverage department began temporary pond side operations in preparation for the construction of the main building, which is renamed Suijin-en.
May 1968 The main building of Suijin-en was completed. Reinforced concrete, 3 floors above ground, total area 784 square meters, capacity 250 people.
Full-scale operation began as a Japanese restaurant using rainbow trout, wild bird, and wild plants as its main ingredients.
June 1978 Opened a barbecue garden on the premises of Suijin-en.
Capacity 70 people.
June 1980 Opened a Japanese restaurant "Wan-ya" in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Total area of 230 square meters, capacity 100 people.

1981 〜 2000

August 1986 Opened steakhouse "Chuck Wagon" in Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Capacity 36 people. Offering charcoal grilled Matsuzaka beef steak.
March 1988 Started dismantling Suijin-en's old main building for the construction of a new main building.
The food and beverage department were temporarily closed. Sold "Chuckwagon" at the same time.
January 1989 The new main building of Suijin-en was completed. Total area of 939 square meters, capacity 100 people.
A fish tank with a water volume of 20 tons was installed in the seating area and opened as an exclusive Japanese restaurant serving fish right out of the tank and “Kaiseki” cuisine.
May 1989 Completed "Fugaku-an", a detached guest house built in authentic Sukiya style, in the garden of the main building of Suijin-en.
July 1994 Increased the capital to 112,500,000 yen.
April 1995 Two Japanese-style family restaurants "Bunmei Kappoukan" located in front of Tsutsujigaoka station on the Keio line and Musashisakai station on the JR line were commissioned by Shidax Co., Ltd.
July 1996 Two spacious rooms were added to the 2nd floor of Suijin-en's main building.
The head office was moved to Nishikubo, Musashino City.
The rest area in the Animal Cemetery was renovated to serve as the office and member's lounge.
December 1996 Closed Ginza "Wan-ya" due to business downsizing.
December 1997 Closed "Bunmei Kappoukan Musashisakai store" due to the expiration of the contract.
December 1998 Closed "Bunmei Kappoukan Tsutsujigaoka store" due to the expiration of the contract.
July 2000 Completely renovated the first floor of the "Suijin-en" main building. Removed the fish tank and started offering casual Japanese cuisine.

2001 〜

September 2001 A "Mikage Reidan,” a luxurious columbarium made of Granit, was added to the Animal Cemetery.
December 2004 Reduced capital from 112,500,000 yen to 73,123,000 yen.
September 2005 Suijinen began offering Japanese Medical Cuisine upon our Chief Chef's certification.
May 2007 Produced by Kyotaro Yanagiya, a rakugo storyteller, a soba stall from the Edo period, which appears in the rakugo story "Toki Soba", was recreated in the parking lot of Suijin-en.
A cooking room in the style of an Edo period row house was set up, and the restaurant started business as "Atariya" serving Edo period soba.
April 2009 Completed the renovation of the crematorium in Jindaiji Animal Cemetery.
Installed the latest environmentally friendly equipment "electrostatic precipitator".
Thus, commenced operation as a crematorium boasting the highest level of environmental load reduction function in Japan for animal cremation. At the same time, work began to acquire ISO14001.
May 2009 Barrier-free completion at the entrance of the columbarium in Jindaiji Animal Cemetery.
May 2009 The first animal cemetery in Japan to acquire the international environmental standard ISO 14001.
October 2010 Capital tie-up with Akiruno Animal Cemetery Co., Ltd.
January 2013 Opened "Edo Soba Watanabe", a stand-up eating soba restaurant in Shinkawa, Chuo-ku.
August 2015 One additional crematorium in Jindaiji Animal Cemetery installed.
July 2016 Akiruno Animal Cemetery Co., Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary.
December 2016 All lighting in the Jindaiji Animal Cemetery's columbarium was converted to LED.
July 2017 Moved the head office to Kokuryocho, Chofu City.
November 2018 His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and Her Imperial Highness Crown Princess Masako visited Suijin-en.
March 2022 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry FY2020 Third Amendment
Business restructuring subsidy "Portal site business specializing in pets challenged by food and beverage and animal funeral service businesses" adopted.